The Revolution of Electric Vehicles

If there’s any way to save the world then we are definitely on board with the uprising of technological ways  of automobiles. Key development right now is the Eco driving, tracking and roadside assistance. We took  it to the loop of all-electric vehicles (EVs) that are currently the new mobility ways of our transport  system. 

Electric vehicles also referred to as battery electric vehicles use a battery as a power system. They run  on electricity and emit no exhaust. They must be plugged into an output charging port for power supply  and their impact to the ecosystem has created a high demand of electro mobility. 

They have introduced new ways to conserve fuel, save money and reduce emissions. This therefore  provides customers with convenience, range and confidence when it comes to owning an EV. 

Though EVs are the next automobile vision of most car companies, we must not forget the downside  of every power charging battery. There’s likely to be a high demand of access and restoring ways of this  EVs in the case of a breakdown. 

The revolution of Electric Vehicle carries with it a need of maintenance that calls for cost effective and  quick accessible roadside assistance services. An EV uses one or more electric engines and this therefore  means an upshift in mobility when it comes to ensuring efficiency and getting back on track. 

Some of the problems an EV can experience are mostly related to dead batteries, flat tires, running out  of charge and not to forget collisions hence a motorists car’s worst days. A call for assistance would  definitely be a go to and AVA is ensuring no motorist is left stranded. 

When it comes to towing, once an EV is involved in any form of collision, the only way to get it to the  next location in good condition is by using a flatbed. This is mainly to avoid damaging the battery and  tires. AVA is partnering with high professionals to ensure such measures and safety are adhered to. 

By the use of external charging ports, AVA in itself provides a wide range of mobile supply of breakdown  services and parts that gives drivers the independence of managing car breakdowns at any time by just a  click of a button. We are also looking forward to mobile charging devices for dead batteries in the  near future and so AVA’s roadside assistance is definitely the future of roadside assistance. 

AVA is therefore taking part in the increase of electric mobility across the network of Kenya thus being  the leading digital service providers of roadside assistance services. Purchasing and leasing of these  vehicles will also need full time tracking from one point to the other and the platform is partnering with  high-tech towing companies to ensure quality delivery of services. 

More improvements and advancement are on the way due to extensive investments in the necessary  technologies for multiple companies. Fasten your seatbelt because we are just getting started!


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