Roadside Assistance Goes Digital

It’s never a good feeling to be stuck on the road with any form of collision or vehicle damage. No one  wakes up in the morning expecting their car to run out of fuel, have their battery going down or rather  experience a worn out tire on your way to work. 

In the middle of all these crises, time is wasted and most probably a lot of cost is incurred trying to get  back on track. Assisting stranded motorists in their time of need is no easy task and with the current  digital demand we took it to the test to develop a digital platform that gets you back on the road with  just a click of a button; AVA. 

We redefined a whole new world of roadside assistance via an application that gets you in contact with  the service needed. It also integrates with insurance companies, fleet management companies and  vehicle leasing companies to provide immediate and convenient services within the industry. 

This technology is finally giving towing and breakdown services a lift and improving how we safely  handle breakdowns and incidents on the road. Our solution is to provide the fastest and most reliable  way to turn car breakdowns into nothing more than a small bump for customers. 

Over the past years the reported claims according to the insurance industry turns out to be the most costly  service in restoring mobility. This is a relentlessly game-changing platform that will transform how  people, brands and service providers connect in this new, on-demand world. 

Among various applications. AVA App is connecting customers to service providers where they are able  to receive help as fast as possible. This gives our Service Providers Partners the ability to manage the  entirety of a job from the palm of their hands. 

Not limited to towing, AVA is able to get you through your car’s worst days and protect your wallet when  a need occurs. This is a major move and expansion in the industry for mobile users and the automotive  companies at large. It provides failover services to ensure even better experiences for the customers  during this stressful time. 

Transparency is enabled where customers are allowed to request for assistance and can identify the  exact location of Service Providers on their vehicle map. At that point a customer can submit notes  relevant to the service request and track the whole process of roadside assistance. 

AVA is well positioned to anticipate and respond to the needs of our current future partners and their  customers. The primary focus is on digital dispatch that connects customers to the nearest available  towing and breakdown services. Today we deliver on those goals. 

Turn your roadside assistance program into nothing more than just a click of a button. For more  information visit our website; and become a partner in this fast rising digital era.

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    February 17, 2022

    Nice article

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    February 17, 2022

    Wonderful information and so easy to read

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    Judy madlina

    February 17, 2022

    This is the game changer !

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