On The Roads with Service Providers

It is a hopeful business year for AVA’s mobile service in the roadside assistance sector. 

Last year the mobile application took it to the tests on the roads and we are lucky to come across some great insights in the towing industry as we take on the mobile service application in the digital market.

AVA team management took a  look into some experiences in handling towing services.

With a forward look to economic recovery, there is an expectation of exciting updates from the service providers in partnership with AVA.

Most service providers have taken the digital space causing the demand for roadside assistance to increase. AVA looks to meet the demanded service levels through maintaining performance service indicators.

The key performance indicators include high customer loyalty and satisfaction also known as Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and low Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs).

The digital application of this click button is to avoid unexpected delays and longer wait times for services.

With the aim to grow in business, AVA has partnered with more roadside assistance service providers anticipating a higher digital growth in 2023.

The algorithm is to send the closest providers available for each job. A criteria based on location, type of job, contractual obligations and time of the day.

This aims to prioritize jobs with the available resources for mobile services.

The mobile application is currently growing its network in order to manage numerous programs for top insurance companies, fleet management and automotive retailers.

Integrity and high performance are the key elements to AVA’s projections.


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