Mobile Repair Vehicle Services

Have you ever felt like taking your vehicle for repair is a dreaded chore? Or perhaps you had no way of  getting there because your car is completely broken down. Regardless of the reason, vehicle repair can  be such a hustle. 

These days you can get any kind of service delivered at your doorstep with just a click of a button.  Though some mobile automotive services are already common, such as mobile detailing and mobile  windshield and glass repair; what about mobile repair? 

We are in the midst of a radical transformation of mobility and its expanding hence things moving so  fast. This requires a modern approach to roadside assistance. The future of roadside assistance is  working towards offering services with the convenience of digital dispatch, real-time status updates and live tracking. 

The latest update is providing digitally connected customers with mobile repair services that gives them a freedom to request for professional mechanics who are trained to provide high quality auto  maintenance and repair services. 

Mobile mechanics have increased in popularity over the last 4-5 years. This trend has likely been  influenced by economic necessity stemming from the recession as well as a shift towards customer  convenience.  

AVA is working towards delivering innovative and market-leading solutions that drive customer  loyalty and operational efficiency in the automotive industry. This includes reinventing the roadside  assistance industry to the benefit of global brands, roadside assistance professionals and consumers.  

There’s provision of mobile mechanics who service all types of cars and trucks, offering everything from  oil change and tune ups to brake jobs and no-starts. This can be done at the comfort of your driveway,  parking spot or at work. 

A mobile mechanic can carry out car repair and maintenance jobs wherever their van will take them.  They travel with what is essentially a mobile workshop that carries all the tools they need to carry out  most automotive repairs.

Mobile mechanics go wherever they are needed instead of the traditional model of automotive repair that has a customer having to take their car to a workshop, sometimes  leaving it there if a lot of repair work is required. 

Keep in mind that choosing the perfect mobile mechanic for you should be based on several factors such  as after-service care, customer reviews, and arranging of parts needed as well as safe disposal of any old  parts or fluids. 

Some of the most requested services include: 

– Brake service repair 

– Common car repairs 

– Heating and air conditioning 

– Steering and suspension 

In the event your vehicle does require a visit to the workshop due to needing specialized repair or a  diagnostic equipment that can’t be carried in a mobile workshop, there is an inclusive of vehicle delivery to one of our partnered workshops and return of your vehicle to your place of choice after the work is done.  

There’s a great impact on this innovation because for so many years mobility has created diversity in the  transport industry and drivers are digitally connected to the real time changes. We are excited to be part of this upshift and a lot is underway for the growth of roadside assistance.


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