AVA’s Solution to Roadside Assistance

Inspired by the innovation and transformation happening in mobility, roadside assistance has a  connectivity potential in the automotive industry. The new future of this application is linked to a great  growth of business in the economy today. This is brought about with the ability to fulfill and deliver safe, transparent and exceptional roadside assistance services. 

The top most desirable connected features are; 

– Emergency services upon collision 

– Mobile accessibility to fuel delivery 

– Jumpstarting services on dead battery 

– Quick repair services  

– Paperless claim reports with immediate attached photos 

– Tire changing  

Safety and convenience is brought about by allowing clients to connect to service providers in the case of a breakdown thus improving the professionalism of this untapped on-demand network. In most cases, when a motorist is stranded on the road they are left in distress of what next and their vehicle dragged to police stations in cases where they could access a quick service and get sorted.  

AVA is partnering with the top leading Service Providers in this network to ensure safety of the client and help restore road safety awareness to motorists across the country. It is creating a digital, safer, smarter alternative to the multiple hour-long waits and insufficient options of the past thus transforming the emergency roadside assistance experience for all.  

There are quite a number of real-life challenges faced by tow truck and roadside professionals on a daily basis and this platform enables them to make quicker and more informed operational decisions as well as identify new ways to ultimately grow their business. 

With the high expectation of digitally connected drivers, they no longer have to wait for several hours to receive roadside assistance. This goes hand in hand with immediate, responsive roadside assistance service. Drivers receive service providers information, instant notifications, status updates, access to real-time tracking and easy payment options, all of which result in amazing customer experience. 

The most common question that is usually asked by roadside assistance partners when a collision arises is usually the level of the damage and the location of the driver. Motorists are therefore left stranded and a lot of time is wasted making calls trying to get assistance as fast as possible. Roadside Partners can now get immediate photos and pinned location of the incident where they can quickly identify the next step of help to be provided to the customers.  

A lot of headache is incurred trying to work on extensive paperwork, upfront payment of release fees, lost phone calls and delayed assistance. AVA saw this as an opportunity to provide a self-built  technology to automate the process of completing the required conditions of the roadside assistance  providers. This is accomplished by coordinating the insurance company with the clients, pre-paying the release fee, preparing the release documents then sending the Service Providers to the Ava network team.

Unfortunately, the industry has faced a lot of bad actors in the name of roadside assistance. Drivers are exploited at the time when they are desperate and needy. AVA team guarantees excellence with dedicated service providers that work day and night to assist drivers on the road.

This technology is taking it the test to help drivers identify professional service providers and connect them to available roadside assistance. 

Stuck in the truck? The solution is to get you back on track.


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