The advanced automation of handling claims in the insurance industry is improving on a day to day basis with improved systems and platforms that can now help ease and facilitate insurance claims reports resulting in faster cycle times, lower loss expenses as well as customer satisfaction.

The light is high on managing accident claims from the scene to the yard and garages.

AVA’s innovation on transparency and ease creates an active involvement for the insurance companies to be able to track and trace an accident from the point of collision.

Policyholders are handled with full awareness of the accident with a quick transfer of the reported information to the insurance company.

This process involves the insurer to collect the information needed about the people and vehicle involved at fault-party.

With clear information, the companies are now able to save the cost of the damaged vehicle with the duration time needed for storage, car rental fees and garage services.

The optimized process of accident scene management is set to have an impact on the rising inflation of goods and services.

This has been measured by the consumer-price-index of the vehicle repair cost as it has been on the rise with scarcity of spare parts across the country.

The potentially high cost of automotive services today is a concern for insurers hence lowering their overall satisfaction.

The repair costs also pose a concern to insurance companies from the high cost of towing and evacuation from the scene of the accident.

The factors taken to account at the scene of the accident are necessarily involved with the rising of the inflation some of which are immediate cost covers.

AVA offers technology leverage that is readily available with accident scene management solutions.

Imagine being stranded in the dark!

It takes a customer close to 3-seven days on average to report a claim when involved in an accident. This whole time the insurance company is out of the loop while customers struggle to get the necessary services.

A product like AVA can now ensure insurance companies get information within minutes of the accident. 

This first hand information like towing service providers,photos,videos and vehicle damages equips the insurance company with clarity to make sound decisions to the insurer and save on time needed to file reports and manage claims. 

Quick decisions like determining if a vehicle is a total loss at the scene of the accident saves the need of a storage fee and repairs costs.

With this new technology; AVA, insurance companies are now able to receive the data points required to settle a claim while the customer’s vehicle is still at the scene of the accident with an aerial view of the damage caused.

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