AVA Launches Rescue Benefit Plan

Roadside assistance is now a dynamic growth in the future of the automotive industry, the dragon is set to fire up with a massive flow of services with just one click.

Among the many services AVA has to offer, towing being one of them, emergency rescue plan comes about as the most efficient, cost effective rescue plan to be offered to customers within the country.

This platform has taken it to the loop to partner with professional service providers who offer emergency rescue services that carry with it the most convenient ways to rescue a motorist in the case of an accident.

Rescue benefits are not only for vehicles but for passengers and motorists and AVA’s main drive is to be available at the scene of accident as fast as possible with access to emergency rescue centers with an affordable medical plan.

The company is set to bring on board as many service providers as possible within every area of the country with professional services offered to provide 24hr medical call time from anywhere.

AVA has created a rescue benefit package plan that assists both the motorists and car drivers upon subscription of annual membership and new car car owners.

Emergency rescue has an annual subscription of Ksh.4000 only and it has the following benefits;

  • Access to 24hr Medical Helpline anytime from anywhere for medical services.
  • Unlimited evacuation flights per year for medical emergencies.
  • Unlimited ground ambulance transfers within Kenya

On the other hand the Road Rescue carries with it an exclusive extension of benefits at Ksh.5500 only and comes with the following;

  • 20km free towing.
  • Free roadside assistance services i.e. Fuel delivery, free tyre change, free jump starting.
  • Free vehicle diagnostic checkup.
  • 50% discount on personal vehicles valuation inspection.
  • 50% off vehicle tracking and fleet management.
  • 50% discount on vehicle servicing and maintenance.

 AVA’s main drive is not only to be a limited application but a one-stop solution to all matters involved in rescue services without the hassle and tassel of accessibility and availability of help in the case of an emergency.
For more information visit www.ava.ke or download the app on play store and get in the loop of roadside assistance rescue benefits.


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