About us


Breakdowns hurt. Stranded on the side of the road, the only thing that matters is getting help. Until now, roadside help meant exhausting phone calls and endless waits. Getting back on the road hurt as much as breaking down. AVA, an on-demand roadside assistance platform, was created to help. It is the trusted way to find and order roadside assistance from the web, mobile phone or tablet, 24/7, nationwide. AVa prioritizes your time and your personal safety by connecting you to help directly, without putting you on hold with dispatchers. Perfect for students, families, travelers, and working professionals, only Ava gives you on-demand help to service you may  need.



Customer requests assistance digitally or via our call center.


Real-time job management and accountable data from dispatch to final disposition both on a job level basis and the aggregate


Our global platform programmatically matches customers with nearby, qualified, available service providers.


Every stakeholder enjoys full transparency across the incident lifecycle with real-time tracking and communication channels.

AVA is

  • Reliable – We can offer 24/7 emergency roadside service from tow truck providers that we have checked for reliability.
  • Fast – In many cases, AVA can provide assistance 50 percent faster than comparable roadside assistance Solutions. You’ll be updated within minutes and you won’t be kept waiting late at night.
  • Everywhere – We have providers across the country


Having a plan in place if something goes wrong with your car can provide you with peace of mind that you won’t be stranded in the middle of nowhere without any gas. With many  providers nationwide, AVA sends you help faster when you need it most.